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New Year's Celebrations: Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival

By Melody Schubert @USATM
New Year's Celebrations: Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival
The celebration of New Year’s is filled with traditions, and we're sharing some of our favorite events from around the globe. So, as the clock starts to chime grab your broom and sweep away all the troubles of the past year, and welcome in the New Year with a fresh, clean start. In Suzhou, China you can literally ring in the New Year at the Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival. The Hanshan Temple is among the most famous temples in China. In ancient times the monks at the 1400-year-old temple struck the bell at midnight to remind people a new day was dawning. According to local legend it is said that each layman has 108 kinds of annoyances per year. Of course, who has really stopped to count them all, but 108 sounds about right. To hear the bell toll is said to dispel one kind of annoyance. So, when you listen to all 108 bell tolls on New Year Eve you will have good luck and happiness in the coming year.Join the New Year’s Eve feast before the bell ringing that includes performances of traditional music and dance. Within the ancient halls of the temple you’ll find colorful dragon lanterns and decorations evoking wishes for an auspicious New Year. As the evening progresses you’ll hear the monks chanting Buddhist sutras, and then silence as all who have gathered listens respectfully as the bell is rung 108 times. Listen closely, and you’ll hear the last echoes of the bell before the explosion of countless firecrackers celebrate the welcoming of the New Year.Check back for more New Year's Traditions throughout the month!Plan your Trip To The Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing FestivalTo learn more about the Hanshan Temple Bell Ringing Festival and plan your visit go to their website.What is your favorite way to ring in the New Year?Photo Credits: China Daily, Official Travel and Tourism Website for Suzhou

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