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New Year, New Life

By Fashionnerd @fashion_nerd13
new year, new life
new year, new life

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2013 was a quiet year here on the blog, but real life was a very different story. I moved out of my parents' house and out of Tooele to an adorable house in Jeremy Ranch, got a snazzy new job as Director of Marketing at an awesome office in downtown Park City and The Boy and I finally worked things out and have been together since last January (coming up on our official one-year here in a few weeks!).
Oh - and in October, we found out we're expecting our first baby. A baby! (Hence the above baby bump photos...)
new year, new life
Saturday will put us at 20 weeks along - officially halfway there. The Boy keeps begging me to "build her faster", and while I'm also pretty anxious to meet her, I feel like time has flown since we found out (we were already 9 weeks along by that point), and I wish it would slow down. Despite all the horror stories, so far pregnancy has been fairly easy (hoping that's a good omen for delivery - keep your fingers crossed for me) and it's especially exciting now that I can feel her move (she tickled my hand on my belly a few minutes ago!). Having a little alien growing inside of me is a crazy, wonderful, intense experience, and I'd like to enjoy it a little longer.
Besides - a newborn means barely sleeping and a lot of time and devotion. I think I want to relish these last few months of relative freedom before little Kumquat arrives.
Yup.... we're calling her Kumquat for now. We haven't settled on a name and we're open to suggestions, though I'm pretty sure she'll be stuck with 'Kumquat' as a nickname indefinitely. I'm due May 24th and it's almost certainly a girl (hooray!).
new year, new lifemy baby bump @ 19 weeks, 5 days
I don't really set New Year's Resolutions any more, but this year is a special case. Obviously, a lot is going to change over the next few months - it might be the perfect time to implement some sweeping self-reforms.
As for the blog, it will remain fashion-oriented but will likely have some mommy overtones. I doubt I will ever turn into a 'mommy blogger' - I'm just not that good at the homemaking stuff. That being said - consider this your special invitation to follow along as The Boy and I attempt to raise a daughter - here's hoping she doesn't need too much therapy as an adult.....
Advice and hand-me-downs are always welcome (post in the comments or email me), and in case you're wondering - we're registered at Target.

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