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New Year Day Delights

By Patientgardener @patientgardener

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There is nothing better after what seems like interminable days of rain than getting outside and having a good look around the garden to see what the plants have been up to.  The real draw were the red berries of Bomarea salsilla which I can see from the kitchen.  The seeds heads have been hanging on the vine for some months and I have wondered whether it was worth picking them then the other day a spot of red was winking at me.  Closer inspection today showed that the seed capsules were opening to reveal lots of red berries.  Tomorrow, I intend to pick them and to have a go at sowing the seed.  Research indicates that I will need to remove the red sarcotesta fleshy layer as it may inhibit germination.  I haven’t tried growing from berries before so this will be interesting.  Research has also led me to wonder if this variety is in fact Bomarea salsilla as on-line photos suggest it should be a pinker flower whilst the flowers on my plant are a real brick-red.

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Another splash of vibrant red beckoning me into the garden is the Chaenomeles which is being trained up the back fence.  It should be a real picture in a week or so when all the buds open.

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Having been drawn outside by the strident reds I found myself noticing more including these two delightful iris, which have really made my day.  I don’t remember planting them but I did plant out a lot of iris reticulata and histriodies corms that I had in pots back in the summer as I had read somewhere that they might grow better if planted deep in some shade rather than my normal practice of planting them in a sunny and dry location. A bit more research on-line and I think this is Iris histriodies ‘George’ which was definitely amongst the corms languishing in the pot collection for some years without producing any flowers.

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I also spotted some narcissus flowering, ridiculously early. I am pretty sure this is Narcissus ‘Geranium’.  A real delight but I do wonder where this season is going with spring flowers blooming some two months early.  Maybe we will get a cold spell in the next month and everything will revert back to normal.

Who knows what 2016 will bring, whatever it is I am sure it will be very interesting.

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