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New U.K. Surveillance Bill Includes Monitoring Users Online Habits

Posted on the 04 November 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains broke down the details of the new surveillance bill to be passed in the U.K. No surprise there are opinions from all sides with some saying the bill goes too far and are too intrusive, this type of surveillance is not legal in and other European country or the U.S.

Those in favor say these measures are needed to keep the country safe.

The article goes on to show what is allowed now:

What can the agencies do at the moment?

They can listen to phone calls, intercept emails and even hack devices – if they can show they have a justifiable case for doing so. Broadly, that means to uncover and stop crimes or threats to national security.

But the law is also so complicated that very few people outside of the intelligence agencies properly understand it – and it is full of legally gray areas because it was written before the explosion of our modern digital lives.

Now what is to be proposed under the new law would include things like see what time you accessed Snapchat or logged onto Twitter, they would not be able to see the exact content.

Internet or mobile  companies will be required to hold  people’s online activity for one year, this would include what services they connect to, when they do it, how they do it and from where.

If agencies want to look at what you are specifically doing or saying, they will need a warrant signed by the home secretary.

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