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New Top Level Domain Industry First Half 2016 Analysis & Insights

Posted on the 12 July 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

Christa Taylor is the CEO of DotTBA published an infographic and new gtld analysis on CircleID.

Here is a look at some of the analysis:

Top Level Domain Statistics and Business Implications First Half 2016 Overview

  • Average prices were based on prices at the end of September retrieved from 101domain, eNom, GoDaddy and United Domains. If a TLD was not found on any of these sources websites, an alternative source was used
  • The dataset contains 426 TLDs in general availability for at least 60 days and have had a full renewal period if they had a low-cost/free registration period
  • Average number of registrations per day is 61.3
  • Top 25 TLDs account for almost half of revenues and two-thirds of registration volumes
  • Less than 12% of TLDs will exceed ICANN’s minimum yearly fee
  • Largest group of TLDs are in the $20 to $25 retail price range
  • Average revenue of all gTLDs within the dataset is $405k (down 16% from Dec 2015)
  • Average retail prices ($31.24 to $123.19) within each tier differ yet the median price difference is minimal ($29.49 to $33.74)
  • All Tiers have a weak or very week correlation between price and volume
  • Based on today’s data, 53% of TLDs are projected to operate at a loss for the next year with a conservative expenses of $150k

Read the whole article on CircleID

George Kirikos does make a comment questioning some of the revenue analysis. Worth reading as well.

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