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New Release! Finding Jane Fairfax by Robbin j. Peterson

By Mariagrazia @SMaryG



Jane Fairfax knows she is truly fortunate. Most orphans face lives of hardship, whereas she was adopted by doting surrogate parents who elevated her place in society and love her as their own. Yet even they cannot shield her from the grim realities of life without a suitable marriage. In moments of despair, Jane comforts herself with a well-worn memory: that of a young man whose kind words when they were children once soothed her heartbreak. But now that boy has grown into a dashing gentleman―and their lives could not be more distant. Frank Churchill is a prisoner of his station. His inheritance is held in the balance by his demanding aunt, and the weight of her expectations is suffocating him. But when a chance encounter brings the lovely Miss Fairfax back into his life, he discovers what it is to truly live. As the pair secretly become acquainted amid the confines of society’s strict rules, their friendship blossoms into love. But in a world ruled by unyielding traditions, endeavoring to build a life together would mean inviting a scandal that would shake the very foundation of the ton.



Finding Jane Fairfax by Robbin J. Peterson offers a compelling reimagination of characters from Jane Austen's Emma, shedding new light on the intricate dynamics woven into Austen's original narrative. In Austen's novel, Jane Fairfax is often portrayed as Emma Woodhouse' s perceived antagonist, a character whose quiet dignity and talents evoke both admiration and jealousy within Emma's world. Frank Churchill, though charming, is depicted as somewhat duplicitous and not wholly positive in his actions and intentions. Peterson's novel takes these characters, so delicately crafted by Austen, and breathes new life into their stories, exploring the complexities of their relationships, desires, and motivations.

Through the lens of Finding Jane Fairfax, readers are invited to delve deeper into the hearts and minds of these characters, uncovering layers of depth and nuance that resonate across both narratives. In doing so, Peterson honors Austen's legacy while offering a fresh perspective that enriches our understanding of these beloved literary figures.

As an avid enthusiast of Jane Austen's literary world, immersing myself in Finding Jane Fairfax was an intriguing endeavor. Set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, the novel follows the trials and tribulations of Jane Fairfax, a young woman who struggles with the constraints of societal expectations and the quest for an appropriate marriage. The author skillfully captures the essence of Austen's world, where class distinctions and societal norms dictate the lives of its characters.
At the core of the story lies the evolving relationship between Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill, a connection that transcends childhood memories and blossoms into a clandestine romance. Burdened by familial obligations and societal pressures, Frank finds solace and liberation in Jane's presence, while Jane, despite her outward poise, harbors her own vulnerabilities and desires.
Robbin J. Peterson adeptly portrays the complexities of their relationship, infusing the narrative with longing, tension, and emotional depth. The clandestine nature of their courtship adds layers of intrigue and suspense as they cope with the rules propriety and societal expectations.
One of the novel's strengths lies in its character development. Jane Fairfax emerges as a resilient and multifaceted protagonist, whose inner struggles and desires resonate deeply with readers. Similarly, Frank Churchill undergoes a transformation, shedding the facades of societal expectations to embrace his authentic self.
Moreover, the prose is elegant and descriptive, painting a vivid picture of Regency-era society, from opulent ballrooms to covert rendezvous. The rich descriptions immerse readers in a world of luxury and constraint, evoking a sense of time and place that feels authentic and immersive.
Finding Jane Fairfax is a compelling and enjoyable read that may be appreciated by fans of Jane Austen and lovers of historical romance alike. Robbin J. Peterson's homage to Austen is heartwarming and offers  memorable scenes that will stay in the reader's mind long after the final page is turned.

Robbin J. Peterson is the author of Going Home, Conviction, and 13 Days of Girls Camp. She earned her degree in English literature from Utah State University and her associate of arts degree from Snow College. She has six kids, plays the viola, and works as an elementary school librarian.

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