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New Reality Show Brooklyn Bosses Can It Take Out LHHNY?

By Firstladyb
New Reality Show Brooklyn Bosses Can It Take Out LHHNY?
There’s a new kid coming to the block, eyeing LHHNY spot!
LHHNYThere is a new reality TV show that’s in development that focuses on girl bosses from New York.  When I heard about it, I immediately thought about LHHNY, but it’s not that!

Brooklyn Bosses is the name of the show, and it appears to be the answer to LHHNY, for those of us who are tired of women being shown in a negative light on Reality TV.

While watching the L&HH franchise, you may catch women fighting, or popping bottles, but you won’t see any of that on Brooklyn Bosses.  Based off the synopsis I’ve been given for the show, these ladies are focused on their faith, family and finances.

Just because these ladies prefer bibles over bottles and favor instead of fights, don’t count them out! These headstrong women are filled with passion and purpose. They lean on each other to streamline their chaotic lives. Melky Jean, Fabienne, Sassy, Sharissa and Dr. Jonelle Cox are an empowered and powerful circle of friends who work together, play together and pray together.  

This is refreshing to me!  I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with all the negative stereotypes that is seen when you turn on any of the L&HH franchises.

In an article posted on The Grio, it was revealed that L&HH was actually created by a white VH1 executive named Jim Ackerman; it’s inaugural executive production team was comprised of Ackerman, Stefan Springman, Toby Barroud, and Kenny Hull – four white men, plus Mona Scott-Young.

Realizing it was easier to market with a black woman at the helm, Mona Scott-Young was given the title “Creator,” while Ackerman was relegated to an executive producer role.

As the face of the franchise, Scott-Young has been repeatedly challenged to explain how she, a black woman, could sell something that promotes such a negative stereotype of her sisters. In an interview with  MTV’s host Sway Calloway on Rap Fix Live, Scott- Young justified the show:
 “(They) have every right to tell their stories. I think they’re valid stories, and judging by the numbers, they’re stories that people want to see and hear about.”
 I would go out on a limb and say that people tune in for entertainment purposes,  because we have become a society that takes pleasure in other’s sufferings, a society that enjoys gossiping about someone else’s relationship like it’s our own.  How unfortunate!

I was just sharing with someone on last week that Remy Ma, and Yandy Smith don’t even fit the show anymore.  What’s that age old saying,”change your circle, change your life.”

Remy has blown “All the Way Up!” and just inked a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records, so she don’t need reality tv drama affecting her coins in any way!

Yandy Smith, who is a major player in the music and beauty industry, definitely don’t need the show.  As a matter of fact, the raw footage I was given for Brooklyn Bosses has Yandy in it.  In the test clip posted below, it appears Yandy is greeting the legendary Bobby Jones.

Anyway, enough of my rant.  Check out the clip I was given below for the show Brooklyn Bosses that is set to premiere on the Impact Television Network in 2018, and tell me what you think.

Will you watch a show like this?

Brooklyn Bosses or Love and Hip Hop New York, which do you prefer?

Brooklyn Bosses:


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