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NEW POETRY: Kumbha (@JahLikeBigEnt) | Absque Sui

Posted on the 23 August 2011 by Sistabig @therealSharnell
Absque suiFeeling alone but yet everyone wants to talk to meThis fast pace world is missing those precious moments that are in slow motionSo now I must now leave this placeTransitioning to a new levelA place to call homeWhere I have been many moons agoNow I just have to line me up, with the me that is thereLeaving those I love behindIt’s a hard pill to swallow, but it must be done.No more days where I not loving of myselfI am pulling away and no one is holding onSad, but I know it must be about me nowWorking the plan that I know in my heart to beThe Perception of me isn’t all that great for now,Soon enough they will see what it was all for.Trust me when I say I knowI have to be on this journey aloneAttached with no one,While gaining clarity in my third eyeFinding balance in this tipsy worldThe layers are put on that of my new armorKnowledge and Insight is what that “K-I” stands forI got to go now and get that wisdomI know what I am  A King…Whose purpose is now to fulfill the dream I see every nightClimbing up and staying strong while flying high above the cloudsKnowing that this world here is only temporaryI must plan for now for my returnThe King is leavingOnly to come back, feeling whole and in control of the kingdom that I once had to leaveAbsque sui 38.073533 -75.560779

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