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New National Poll Shows Clinton With A 10-Point Lead

Posted on the 12 September 2015 by Jobsanger
New National Poll Shows Clinton With A 10-Point Lead
Yesterday, I showed you the results of the new CNN/ORC Poll concerning GOP national preferences. Now the CNN/ORC Poll has released their results on the Democratic race. It was done between September 4th and 8th of a random national sample of 395 registered voters who are Democrats (or leaning that way), and has a 5 point margin of error.
The survey showed Hillary Clinton with a 10-point lead over Bernie Sanders. That's a bit closer than most other polls have shown, but the poll also included Joe Biden (who is not a candidate, and I believe is unlikely to enter the race). Biden got 20% support, and I believe most of his support would go to Clinton if he hadn't been included in the poll.
Why do the news media insist on including Biden in the polls, even though he is not a candidate? I think they well could be trying to turn a contest where Clinton has a large lead into a "horse race" -- making it closer, and therefore getting more viewers for themselves. Personally, I think it's more than a little disingenuous. They should only be polling support for the actual candidates -- and include Biden only after he gets in the race (which is not likely).
They also queried those Democrats (and leaners) on their enthusiasm for the Democratic candidates. Those results are shown in the chart below. I found it interesting that Clinton actually finishes first in the enthusiasm for her candidacy (and in overall positive feelings). This is something that Sanders supporters like to claim for themselves.
New National Poll Shows Clinton With A 10-Point Lead

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