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New Music: Spector

Posted on the 23 November 2011 by Outroversion @outroversion


Upon hearing Spector I had a rush of emotions that I haven’t been too privy to of late.

The feeling of frustration that I hadn’t heard them sooner, that anyone else might have found them before I did and a sickening worry that I might have missed them live.

Vital sounding and incessantly energetic, each member of this quintet pour enthusiasm into every beat. A frontman, Fred Macpherson (previously Blood-Royale) formally of the amazing Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man channeling the kind of charisma that you imagine Brandon Flowers showed on the way up with The Killers. Two guitarists with the usually unwelcome sound of synth thrown in, curiously here it seems essential, essential but not important- they could do without it and probably sound great but here it’s just a nice touch. A rarity.

At the moment they’re the opening act for the Florence and the Machine / Horrors tour playing the kind of arenas that only hype can get you. Mcpherson’s previous band the prog-rock influenced Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man went criminally under the radar, they’re one of the most spell binding acts i’ve seen in the past five years and with a musical vision that was incomparable to anyone else during that time.

Don’t let the same happen to these guys.

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