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New Music: Rebecca Black- Friday…

By Outroversion @outroversion

New Music: Rebecca Black- Friday…

Rebecca Black

The internet is amazing. This came to the public’s attention earlier in the week and already it’s not cool to talk about it in an ironic sense.

On Tuesday, which we all know comes after Monday, a Bob Dylan pastiche and other serious cover versions were the height of genius. Not today, not on Friday.

On Wednesday if you made out you too were in a quandry about what seat to sit in, you may have gotten a lol. Not today.

Thursday, still trending on twitter- not even JAPAN has been trending as long as this chick. Most of the talk is about how twitter is going to explode tomorrow.

Fact of the matter is, within a few hours of people seeing this video and hearing this song the internet had exploded. Twitter trending, parodies, gifs, 4chan, encyclopedia dramatica and knowyourmeme were all over this and remember this was the same week Zangief kid won over the net’s hearts.

Fact of the matter is, Rebecca Black’s Friday is already being labelled the worst and most annoying song of all time. I’m not going to even suggest that the more you hear it the more you come to appreciate its nuances, that would be dangerous to even begin to muse.

I just want to give you some real talk- from the internet jumping on this for a week, this chick is MADE FOR LIFE! She’s all over the top lists on itunes and has millions of views on youtube, both companies apart from the royalties, throw money at memes like they’ve got a mental illness. Anyway, it’s Friday and everybody is looking forward to the weekend…


I should probably say that this isn’t my new music post of the day, I admittedly did this ironically which I know isn’t cool, new post up at 5.30pm on NEeMA.

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