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New Music: Holy Show- Get Excited About Hating Everything

Posted on the 25 August 2011 by Outroversion @outroversion

New Music: Holy Show- Get Excited About Hating Everything

Holy Show

Word on the street is that this is the first review of Holy Show’s “pay what you want” EP Get Excited About Hating Everything. It begins…

This mini album or “maxi EP” if you like, ends with the words “You’ll die alone”. And while the relationships referenced throughout the record may well be over these four Kennington locals are just getting started…

Their frontman Adam Powell’s delivery has an air of Frank Turner’s lighter moments with Million Dead, not intensely tuneful but singing in key is kinda lame these days. I must emphasise I’m not being sarcastic or whatever I’m just saying the words are more important than what vocal coach you had at drama school and while I’m sure the charts are filled with people with great singing teachers I’d rather listen to this any day.

Million Dead are a good reference point as their legacy is one of light hardcore; listenable and engaging- passionate without being stupidly screamy. The Turner comparison is particularly fervant on the Beyonce referencing, “Fad Sace” and the ensemble more so on “Butcher”.

What I like about Holy Show’s bass is it sounds like the strings aren’t particularly tight like maybe they’re tuned down an octave or two (ok maybe not two..) making for quite a casual and dark sounding rhythm. Truth is the instrumentation is tighter than it may be given credit for due to its lo-fi nature. The bass on “Brother” sounds like the more striking elements of Nirvana and has the atmosphere of Pixies‘ more deep and ponderous moments.

It’s up to you to decide how much their music is worth, that’s the world of 2011 but they’re worth your time for sure.

Get it.

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