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New Mexico Centennial Ride

By Kate_miller
Since we're head over heels in love with New Mexico we decided to kick off the new year in fine form by joining the New Mexico Trail Riders for a 3-day horseback ride.

New Mexico Centennial Ride

The wild, wild west is still alive and kickin' in New Mexico.

Coming from back east it seems weird that a state would be celebrating their 100th birthday. Seems like that should have happened a long time ago. (Minnesota has already celebrated their 150th.)

New Mexico Centennial Ride

We saddled up at the historic San Acacia Schoolhouse.

But, everything is different out here. The people are as warm and wonderful as the weather! Winter doesn't really exist. Even with snow on the ground we enjoyed blue skies and balmy temps.

New Mexico Centennial Ride

What's left of the original San Acacia Church

NM was the 47th state to join the union, on January 6th, 1912. And, the locals are such a proud bunch they've coordinated huge celebrations all over the state.

New Mexico Centennial Ride

We were filmed riding to the top of Indian Hills, the geographical center of New Mexico.

And, I gotta tell ya... I am so glad that I did this! Because the first few weeks after the holidays are usually such a let down.
De-Christmas-ing the house. Shutting off the outdoor lights. Glaring at the bathroom scale and trying to forget the buckets and buckets of scrumptious holiday treats that found their way into my hands...
New Mexico Centennial Ride

New Mexico Centennial Ride
This time of year everyone is committed to one kind of diet, or another. We're all making pledges to do this, that, and the other thing better than we did in year's past.
And, I suppose I could should be doing that, too. But, I just can't bring myself to be that kind of a nazi this year.
And, I hope you've decided to be kind to yourself, too.
Because life is too short to be worrying about such things. Let's just resolve to have fun.

New Mexico Centennial Ride

One very cool Grandma.

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