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New Mantra: Living the Dream.

Posted on the 17 July 2011 by Laolga @olgabluebabe
Living the Dream. I just heard this the other day when I boarded a flight to Cabo. It was the flight attendants response to my "Hi, how are you?" greeting. "Living the dream!" he declared. I laughed and said, "Yes! I like that" and he replied with, "It's true! And not many people can say that and mean it."
Indeed! It is true and he meant it. You know what? So do I. I was left pondering why it took me so long to realize this "truth" and more importantly, that I needed to incorporate it into my daily thoughts pronto! Our thoughts manifest into our deeds and they also are the nucleus of all things that come into our lives, good and bad. So instead of thinking bad thoughts, change them into good. Manifesting the positive---> Living the Dream. Thank you Mr. Joe on Continental flight 883.

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