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New In {Shoes +More}

By Dosta Radnjanska @radnjanska
New In {Shoes +More}
You know how I always show you my new shoe purchases, well this time I was away for couple of days and the wardrobe purchases have piled in also, so I'm showing you my new clothing purchases along with the new shoes. I love love love shoes, they are the only thing I would never have enough, wardrobe wise. I purchased this silver beauties to go perfectly with my black long dress I'm gonna wear on my cousins wedding. Come to think of it, they will also make some jeans combo to look very classy, so you can expect to see them in that situation also. Below are my last clothing purchases. You'll have the details about each item below the picture.
New In {Shoes +More} Romwe crochet blouse
New In {Shoes +More} Romwe laced crop top
New In {Shoes +More} Romwe striped shirt
New In {Shoes +More} OASAP striped shirt
New In {Shoes +More} OASAP polka dot shirt
New In {Shoes +More} Romwe bow know navy shirt
New In {Shoes +More}  OASAP black trousers
New In {Shoes +More} OASAP light blue jeans Romwe promotion:
New In {Shoes +More}
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