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New GTA V Screens Show off Subs, Sharks and Canines Riding Shotgun

Posted on the 24 December 2012 by Ningauble @AliAksoz

While we eagerly wait for the social life equivalent of the apocalypse named GTA V, Rockstar has decided to reward us with five lovely new screenshots for their upcoming multiplatform title.

Apparently we’ll be able to;


Dive with sharks,

gtav_shot002122412_1280 (1)

Ride in cars our dogs,

gtav_shot003122412_1280 (1)

Use a sub (by far the most exciting aspect that is revealed this week)


And handle different airborne vehicles.

And here, on a late evening, our three main characters with the city on the background.


Trevor, Franklin and Michael, who all have their own personality, skill set and social circles to interact with that contribute to the game’s overall story. Players will be able to switch between these guys at nearly any time. This includes during missions, which will put an emphasis on teamwork heists where the characters will have to work together and players can switch depending on which roles they want to perform.

The randomized dynamic missions from Red Dead Redemption will make a return, populating the game with hitchhikers, muggers and dead body mysteries among other events and obviously the ocean will play a big part.

Rockstar has now confirmed that the game is slated to come out after March, 2013.


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