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New Foodie Walk!

By Lwblog @londonwalks
New Foodie Walk!Is a broken neck good for anything?
Hmmmm, yes – if it's the broken neck of the dark green glass wine bottles we Brits used 250 years ago.
And it's not just Hmmmm – it's also Yum Yum.
We used those broken necks for forcing asparagus. And why was that so ingenious? Three reasons: 1) the glass retained the heat of the sun. 2) it sheltered the shoot from the wind. 3) it kept it appetisingly white.
Dear oh dear. The things London Walks guides know. The above's a tidbit from Ann, who's doing her new Foodies Walk tomorrow (Saturday, July 30th – 2.30 pm from Embankment Tube). The which walk stalks – surely the mot juste – the (historic) stalks of the old Covent Garden fruit and veg market.*
And that's precisely what we mean when we bang on about London Walks, uniquely, fronting its walks with real experts. I mean, who would have known that – apart from someone like Ann? Do today's "horticulturalists" know it/use it/do it?
And of course once she buds your taster with one of those asparagae (is that the plural?) – well, that's it. She's done for you. You'll never look at a green wine bottle quite the same again. Let alone shove yourself outside of a piece of 21st century asparagus without wondering – "was Dr. Johnson's asparagus a whole lot tastier than this stuff?"
*Amongst many other succulent delectables, of course.
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