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By Imagineer @ImagineerTeam

You’ll notice a new menu entry: “Authors: An A to Z of my Favourites”.  This is where you will find an alphabetical listing of authors whose work has become a favourite of mine.  The reason for listing these works by author rather than book title is explained in the top page.  I’m hoping that this listing will prove of some interest and value to you all!

The listing will grow over time so do keep an eye on it!  There is absolutely no way that I could create all the ages before adding the feature.  Over 30 years of reading to date, plus continuing to discover new favourites, makes the task enormous indeed.  If the entire body of work falls into the “favourite” status, no individual books or series will be mentioned, other than generalised references.  In many cases, however, there will be particular books or series only, in which case some mention of preference(s) will be explained.

I would love to know if you enjoy any of these authors’ works, or if my mentioning them inspires you to give them a look.  There have been instances when I’ve recommended books to a friend or family member and they have ended up bigger fans of them than I am!

~ Steve

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