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New Evidence of Early Man - SUPPRESSED - 250,000 Years Ago in Mexico

Posted on the 13 September 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Through the 1960s, discoveries were made in Central Mexico, which were the handiwork of early man. Exquisitely carved animal bones and advanced spear points caused much excitement, including a Life Magazine article, until the dates came in.
5 mutually exclusive geological tests revealed they were over 250,000 years old. In spite of the geochronology, archaeologists insisted the dates were too ridiculously old. This world-class archaeological region became off-limits for official research, a "professional forbidden zone."

Cynthia Irwin-Allen's discovery seems to be pointing towards a Cyano-Mongol-Siberian invasion of The Americas, from the west, way before any previous evidence of Early Man in America. And when you think about theh Eskimo-like faces of both the Aztecs AND the indigenous indians in North America, this is NO SURPRISE.
Actually, does this evidence show that Early Man moved from Asia to America BEFORE our supposed ancestor Mitochodrial Eve was staggering northwards out of Africa? Were there Asian/African Wars 250,000 years ago? Asian/African trading? Reminiscent of the Romeo & Juliette story, did Asians mate with Africans on the edge of Europe to CREATE western man, tall like the Africans but whiter like the Asians? Or was it more about territory-sequestration?

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