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New Dolphin Species Identified Near Australia

By Ningauble @AliAksoz

Researchers at the Wildlife Conservation Society, have identified a previously unknown humpback dolphin species near Australian waters.

Scientists tested the tissue of 235 dolphins, examined the craniums of 180 others and determined the dolphins were a new species. They say humpback dolphins are divided into four different species, including the newly discovered species.


According to Wildlife Conservation Society director Howard Rosenbaum, the discovery will help create conservation policy tailored to specific species.

Humpback dolphins are considered “threatened” in some waters and “vulnerable” in other parts of the world.

Some species may be threatened by fishing in coastal waters, while others are more vulnerable to invasion of their habitats, Howard Rosenbaum (director of the society’s Ocean Giants program) and Martin Mendez (assistant director of the society’s Latin America and the Caribbean program) said.



Via: WashingtonPost

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