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New Digital Gifts

By Luphil

At irregular intervals, I share via a “Friends List” some “digital gifts” – things I have come across on the web over the last months. In time for Christmas – here are some digital gifts found in the last 5 months:

Best Christmas Campaigns 2019 – some commercials are really well done (only if you want to spend time…..)

The little baby dragon named Edgar.

Give those who give from the heart…

Cookies! … nice

A sweet little bear (Bärenmarke)

Samsung Galaxy


Homesick (Ikea)

Amazon: Singing parcels

Zalando – Christmas – being together

McDonald – playing with a reindeer

Christmas for young and old children

Mimi the owl learns to fly – Migros Switzerland ;-))

The most important ingredient is Love (Edeka Germany)

Other things:

Very nice: Bird Song Opera – Mozart’s Magic Flute ‚Papageno/Papagena Duet‘ as an audiovisual bird song aria.

Infinite Patterns – a short Animation by Cristobál Vila
See also his website and the Lux Eterna (Eterna Light) – excellent


There’s Growing Evidence That the Universe Is Connected by Giant Structures

Something mysterious is syncing the movements of galaxies across the universe.

If you like Hang music: The Secret Kissing of Sun and Moon

For old Beatles fans: Jimmy Fellon and Ringo Star playing with classroom instruments: We are all in a Yellow Submarine…

Photographer removes our smartphones to show our strange and lonely new world

New Digital Gifts

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