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New Death Cab For Cutie: You Are a Tourist.

Posted on the 29 March 2011 by Outroversion @outroversion

New Death Cab For Cutie: You are a tourist.

Death Cab- You are a tourist

With the last two albums we had two very different but very listenable tracks released before anything else. With Plans it was Soul Meets Body which was fine, yeah it was pop but it was a nice listen. Narrow Stairs had I will possess your heart which at the time, we assumed signalled a new direction for the band. It was long but it was such a great trip. You are a tourist, on first listen I have to say, is neither of these things. Usually it doesn’t take “a few listens to get into” a death cab track but I sincerely hope that turns out to be the case here, I would LOVE this album to be everything that made them great in the past and not just what will sell CDs to their new Twilight fanbase.


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By Maynard Bitner
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