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New Blog Obsession

By Astylizedhysteria

It’s great when the internet gods reward my constant surfing by bringing to me to a cool-ass blog. Two days ago I found Oh My God, Unicorns. I have read every single post this chick has written in the past two days. I even kept reading after she said she’s not a cat person. It must be love.


New Blog Obsession

New Blog Obsession


New Blog Obsession


New Blog Obsession


This is Melissa. Here are the reasons I like her:

We own many of the same shoes. This is secret girl code that proves we are soulmates.

She likes leather harnesses, bone jewelry, and black milk galaxy leggings.

She enjoys dinosaurs. I could see myself being a dinosaur lover.

Her writing give me the lolz.

Go forth and enjoy this blog as I have!


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