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New Batman: Robert Pattinson?

Posted on the 17 May 2019 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7
New Batman: Robert Pattinson?

We have a possible new Bruce Wayne/Batman that will be announced with Robert Pattinson to take on the cape crusader. The film from Matt Reeves is due for release in June 2021.

According to reports he is top of the list and strong favourite to become Bruce Wayne, Nicholas Holt was another actor in the running for the role.

In all honesty I actually quite like the idea of Pattinson taking on the role, I feel he is a much better actor than he is given credit for and his post Twilight Saga work has shown this. I know some people will still typecast him as the sparkling vampire Edward Cullen. But come on everyone that was many years ago now and the British actor is very talented.

I was never a fan of Ben Affleck's attempts at my favourite superhero so very much looking forward to the new approach and a younger actor stepping into the role. I am guessing the controversy around this will be rather huge, but can everyone remember the initial reactions to Heath Ledger being the Joker not being great either and we all know what happened with that!

So who is with me and quite interested to see what Robert Pattinson could do with Batman/Bruce Wayne?

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