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New Autism Drug Testing!?! {But What About D.A.R.E!!}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
New Autism Drug Testing!?! {But what about D.A.R.E!!}   So, I'm not a BIG fan of giving kids drugs. I do understand that sometimes it's necessary & helps & is the only way BUUUUUT it's not right for my kid. (except for Melatonin! What the heck would I do without that little gem!!) So in perusing the headlines this morning... that's right, I perus... I came across the headline 'Autism drug hope: Drug for autism makes people more sociable' Wait..Wait..Wait.. Darren The Lion always told me I should DARE to keep kids OFF drugs!! Now, I'm not saying I experimented with drugs when I was younger & I'm not saying that I've drank enough to kill large sized school of fish but I am saying that there in fact are already drugs out there that will make you WAY more sociable! I'm looking at you half empty bottle of Jack Daniels sitting there all smug on the top shelf of my cabinet!
   So they developed a drug for autism, got it approved for trials, undertook what this article says was the largest ever clinical trial of a drug for autism, & they found out didn't do what they wanted it to do. BUT hey wait, it does something else that could maybe be passed off as a good thing so yay!!!! It was supposed to help with social withdrawal by turning down brain activity. While it failed at its goal it did make recipients more able to respond appropriately to other people. I'm not saying this is all bad or they should scrap the whole thing! Its early, its a trial, & there is a wide spectrum of kids out there so I'm sure there are some who will benefit from this or something like it. All I'm saying is I've seen something similar before & I didn't care for it myself. A drug that slows down brain function & makes someone communicate in a different way. Of course where I saw it was on a stoner movie where they got a parrot high so he would talk in slow motion! I kid I kid! I'm not likening some drugs on the market for kids as the same as I? Wait for it.... wait for it.... Autism Treatment: Marijuana Madness Hey, I'm not a doctor! Who am I to say that you can't help autism with drugs, marijuana, or even this story that tells you how to cure autism completely with Whip Cream & Chocolate Chips!

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