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New Abstract Painting in a Lighter Mood

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

Sometimes I just want to be light and frivolous in the studio, and that's how this new abstract painting came about.  I began with a cadmium red light, which is one of my favorite colors. 

I worked in an overall manner with loose brushstrokes.  I used parchment and a pale yellow for light and airiness.  I added several shades of lavender for fun.  A darker plum red gave some weight, and a pale green-gray provided the background.

After playing with all these colors, I stood back and decided the painting needed a touch of black.  Using a smaller brush with a thinned-down mars black, I made some quick playful strokes.

Here's what it looks like now:


Exotic Travel Two, 40" x 40" acrylic on canvas.

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