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Never To Arise – Hacked To Perfection

Posted on the 08 May 2012 by Ripplemusic
Never To Arise – Hacked To Perfection
In my never humble opinion, one of the true joys of music is that no matter how many songs you’ve heard, no matter how many bands you’ve seen, no matter how much you think it’s all been done before, it never fails that you hear a new album or you see a new band perform live, and they grab you by the throat and don’t let go.  Sometimes it’s the energy of the performance, sometimes it’s the sheer brilliance of the songs, but whatever it is, it happens often enough that it makes you want to continue to seek out new music.  At least in my world.

So here we have Never To Arise, a new band out of Florida.  Actually a death metal duo, and man do these guys have the goods.  I received this promo, started listening to it, and within about 45 seconds had a stupid, shit eating grin on my face and involuntarily said, “Fuck Yeah!!”  This was, like, the same day that a buddy of mine had been lamenting all over Facebook about how “new” death metal bands just did not have it any more.  I immediately referred him to Never To Arise.

According to the press release accompanying the music, these guys are recommended if you like Death, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, and Malevolent Creation.  And let me be crystal clear, they do not sound like carbon copies of those bands, they have their own unique voice, but if you do like those bands just mentioned you too can have a giant shit eating grin on your face.

This is quality, well written music.  I’ve heard many death metal albums that just blend together, so you can’t tell one track from another, or for that matter, you forget what band you are listening to after about 3 tracks in.  Each track here is unique, has great parts that blend well with all the other parts, and are performed very well.   There really is nothing with this album about which I could complain.  I LOVE it!!  This is the kind of album that makes Odin’s shriveled black heart sing for joy.

They only bad thing about these digital promos is that you don’t get a lyric sheet, and I love me some death metal lyrics.  But take a gander at the song titles and I think you’ll know what to expect from this.  “The Femicidal Impulse”.  “Hyberbaric Torture Chamber”.  “Sloppy Surgery”.  “In Debasement”.  “Mutilation Supreme”.  “Bereft Of Conscience”.  “I Made Her Famous”.  (Probably my fave from this release).  “Snuff Film Superstar”.  “Devoured By Wolves”.  “Misogynistic Acts Of Barbaric Sadism”.  And a comment on this last track.  A death metal track that goes almost 9 minutes is usually, quite honestly, a train wreck.  But not in the hands of these lads.  Again, a very well written and performed song that doesn’t seem like it lasts 9 minutes, which is a sure sign that they did something right with it.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I cannot say enough good things about this release.  I really dig it and you should really make every attempt to get it in your sweaty, metal hands.  Bands don’t always make death metal records like this anymore, but if your tastes run to the old school and well written songs, check this one out.  Your ears will thank you, your brain will thank you, and your faith in death metal will be restored.

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