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Netumo Review 2021: Best Website Monitoring Tool? (Top Features & Pricing)

Posted on the 28 September 2021 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Customers and followers contact you through your website. In response to an advertisement for your business, more information is sought on your website. Just imagine what it would be like if they discovered that the website was not working.

There might be a slowdown on the website. A timeout may have occurred. A certificate may have expired or be invalid. When a website stops working, there are several possible causes. As soon as possible, correct the error and make sure the site is available 24×7. Even when a website is down, many people are not accustomed to checking it repeatedly.

This would not be good for business, would it? Doesn't that impact your brand image and sales as well as your profits? Maintaining a working website is imperative. A problem can only be detected immediately when you know about it.

So that you could be notified whenever a problem arises, the website has to be monitored around the clock. In most cases, monitoring the website is not a problem without hiring additional staff.

One of these platforms is Netumo. Track all your domains and websites from one place with this domain tracking and uptime monitoring company. Registering with Netumo allows you to stay informed about the performance of your website. So, let's read in detail about Netumo review here.

What is Netumo?

A powerful website monitoring tool with automated SSL certificate monitoring, Netumo makes it convenient for website administrators to be alerted to any issues that might arise.

The Netumo platform continuously monitors your domains and web hosts by pinging them at fixed times and checking their responses. SMS, email, Twitter, Slack, and Teams are all ways to receive notifications. Your website and host up-time are clearly depicted in reports.

What Does Netumo Do?

Netumo Review 2021: Best Website Monitoring Tool? (Top Features & Pricing)

Monitoring a domain or cloud server is done by Netumo. Regular reports are generated and the site is checked live to make sure there are no glitches. Installing an app or software is not required.

The website's performance is then shown through four different types of results Netumo provides.

  • OK-
    There are no errors on the website and it is fully functional
  • Timeout-
    It takes a long time for the website to load
  • Failed-
    The SSL certificate or the site isn't working
  • NoMatch-

However, the content is not what it was supposed to be / the content is not what the website is expected to be
The SSL certificate is also checked by Netumo. If the expiration date is approaching, it will alert you so that you can renew the certificate in time.

Websites can be monitored both over HTTP and over HTTPS with the platform. ICMP or TCP are also used to track the host. You can monitor RESTful APIs with REST authentication provided by the platform.


I will review some of the most important and useful features of Netumo in this article. Explore more by continuing to read.

The reports that Netumo provides can be easily understood and saved. Your web server can view the detailed performance and outgrowth of your website in these reports. You can quickly determine if there has been a spike or a downtime.

Statistics of your site are presented in the reports as charts and graphs to make tracking easier. By periodically viewing these, you will be able to know when your site goes down, and similarly, it informs you about traffic load times. Your service provider may also be able to fix the problems that you identify on your own by showing them to you.

With Netumo, any domain can be tracked and monitored. Simply enter the domain name and registration date, and Netumo will handle the rest. Domains will be tracked and you will be notified when they are about to expire. You can register in time if the software alerts you before the deadline.

By doing this, your website will not close. As a result, if you learned about your domain expiration at the time of expiration, potential customers would bounce back from the secure site and ultimately your business would suffer. You can track 1 domain for free with Netumo.

You can pursue it for free if you are only using one. Take advantage of the golden opportunity to monitor your domain, and stop taking risks with your site performance.

Just making a site available online is not enough if you run it online. Maintaining its optimal performance is all that's required. Due to the importance of monitoring, Netumo provides free tracking of one website with their free plan.

Your site's health is frequently notified, which lets you stay on top of how it's performing. SMS, email, Slack, or Twitter will be used to communicate. It is completely up to you how often you check. Customers have the freedom to choose Netumo. You'll be notified every minute they check your site.

The Netumo website states that results are double-checked before they are presented to you. Please be sure of this. In as much as it notices some problems, it doesn't report them to you without your consent. There are no false alarms here. Your inbox is only allowed to receive news that is confirmed.

It is certainly not the case that delayed or sluggish notifications result from this double-check. Virtually all the steps are completed in no time. Two minutes before the website downtime actually occurs, you will receive notification.

Data from your site is collected by Netumo and stored for better and more precise analysis. Then they start analyzing your data once it has been stored in their system. The first thing they notice is the uptime for your site and determine what your response time, uptime, downtime, and overall stats are.

In Netumo's reports, we analyze all these credentials and make them available to you. In addition to finding out more about your site's performance, you can also offer these reports to your clients or service providers, because they present the data in a graphical format that is easier to understand and are more comprehensive.

The maximum number of SMSs per hour is one per website per failure in Netumo. You will still receive one SMS per hour and it will not produce a flood. Using this feature will allow you to use more of your SMS credit for the next time instead of wasting your maximum SMS credit.

If you ignore the first SMS Netumo will send you a second one with the same message. As a user, you can also choose which site notifications to turn on and which to disable according to your needs.

Multiple tools are used by Netumo to locate and resolve problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. To effectively troubleshoot and test a website, various tools are used to examine the actual situation.

Netumo Pricing:

Companies, agencies, and individuals can choose from several plans from Netumo. They'll take care of everything regarding price and help you directly if you tell them what your expectations are. You can refer to the Netumo review article for some information about our plans. You can also try Netumo for free.

You will be able to better understand the operating style and efficiency of this application with the free trial.

NETUMO's free program is another indication of their generosity, and the open program lets you monitor one server and one website at the same time. It is necessary to purchase the paid version if you own several websites and wish to monitor multiple servers.

Netumo Pricing and Packages

Netumo Review 2021: Best Website Monitoring Tool? (Top Features & Pricing)

The Netumo pricing packages are as follows:

👉 Free ($0/Year) - Ideal for freelancers and startups

👉 Lite ($1.75/Year) - Perfect for small businesses

👉 Value ($3.75/Year) - Ideal for medium-sized companies

👉 Plus ($7.25/Year) - Suitable for Medium to Large organizations

  • Keep track of 100 domains
  • Every 2 minutes, monitor 100 different websites
  • No limit to the number of emails you receive daily
  • Every day, unlimited notifications from Slack, MS Teams, Twitter, and Telegram
  • Each day, 50 SMS alerts are sent
  • Member Organizations: 20
  • Phone and email support available
  • Billed Yearly (Save $33!)
  • Choosing annual billing will give you a discount.

Our Experience:

The quality of Netumo is by far the best among the website monitoring tools I've tested, having researched more than three in the past.

Netumo has been my company's productivity tool for three months at the time of this review. My experience during that time frame was more than satisfactory. Up until this point, there hasn't been any disadvantage. It was simple to set up thanks to their support team, and their monitoring tool was of comparable power to others

Pros and Cons of using Netumo Reviews

Pros:- Cons:-
    You should only monitor sites hosted in the cloud and on the web

Final Conclusion: Is Netumo Worth the Hype? Netumo Review

You can begin monitoring a website after creating an account and registering with Netumo within a few minutes. Your business should not be affected by technical issues. You should utilize your website to the fullest extent.

In our experience, Netumo has been a great platform for quite some time now. In the event of a website issue, we receive an alert immediately. Immediately identifying the problem helps us resolve it.

Monitoring your website and server with Netumo should be your first choice.

Let us know if you use another website monitoring service in the comments.

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