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NetFlorist Nets It on Keeping Customer Informed

Posted on the 07 August 2013 by Weszmadz @weszmadz

I have used Netflorist for a long time now but this most recent order made me post a quick post on my blog. Why? Well I will post the full response below. Since it’s women’s day on Friday I though let me get Mrs WeszMadz some flowers which I did online on www.netflorist.co.za   I then received the usual confirmation of order and thank you email. The next day I got this email from them with the heading “Your delivery is on the way”

Hi Wesley

We just wanted you to know that your order of (what I ordered was written here. NO you won’t know what it was) for delivery to Mrs WeszMadz has just left our hub and should be delivered by 09:20 today.

This is an estimate and delivery times could vary based on pot-holes the size of the Grand Canyon, taxi drivers overtaking on a blind rise on the wrong side of the highway, and the blue light brigade rushing to get our ministers to McDonalds before closing time, BUT we’ll do our best to get to Mrs WeszMadz on time.

How’s that for keeping the customer informed and some humour! Keeping the Customer Informed Lesson Folks!

And Yes ofcourse on delivery I get this email with the heading “Delivery confirmation for Mrs WeszMadz”

Hi Wesley (next time try Good Day Wesley)

We’ve been looking in our magic ball and predict that Mrs WeszMadz is going to
contact you shortly to sing your praises because your gift (what I ordered) has arrived at its final destination.

It was delivered today (07 Aug 2013) at 09:24 And Signed For By Pauline (name changed to protect the innocent)

Hope you’ve got your phone close by and thank you again for the support


How is that!! I love this kinda of service! You guys rock!!! (not as much as me) but you still rock!

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