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Netflix Vs Hulu – Both Providing Great Innovations to Consumers

Posted on the 28 March 2012 by Streaming_guru @StreamingServic
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Anyone considering a streaming service has asked the question Netflix vs Hulu?  Both services cost the same, and their content libraries are very good for the price.  So looking at their recent innovations is a good way to broaden the debate.  For instance, Hulu is now making it much easier for fans to share a scene from their favorite show with their friends.  You can make your own authorized, high-quality clip.  As an added benefit, content owners are happy because the service is not violating their copyrights.

While Netflix might not have a capability like that, it does have some tricks up it’s sleeve that are very valuable to consumers.  For starters, Netflix has decent parental controls – Hulu has none.  Netflix also has been at the forefront among all the streaming services available to make their service available on more devices – current count is 800+.  It is also very convenient to access Netflix anywhere, including through Apple TV, where you can pay for your Netflix subscription through the iTunes Store.

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