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By Quickroute @quickroute
Netflix which is already a market leader for movie streaming in the USA is now available in Latin America.  I believe it will NOT be successful in the developing world for 2 main reasons.
1. Price - e.g. Argentina (unlimited streaming) - arg$39 pesos = approx u$d10 per month is too expensive i.e. where the average household income is a fraction (approx 1/5th) of the USA equivalent.
2. Competition - (unlimited streaming) has a better selection and is FREE! (albeit not quite legit)
Both services offer streaming movies and TV programs.  Netflix has some more bells and whistles and can be added to some of your existing home entertainment systems (WII, XBOX etc).  Interestingly Cuevana has been available globally since 2009 and is the brainchild of 3 twenty-something year old Argentinians.
Which service do you use and how much do you pay to watch movies at home?
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By Quickroute
posted on 24 November at 23:19
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My point is why pay u$d10 for an outdated selection when you could have a better selection for free? p.s. I'm not a Yankee and I lived in Buenos Aires for 18 months so I am well versed in value for money (or NOT in this case) in South America

By MArcelo
posted on 08 September at 14:33
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I don't see why I should pay netflix with the current list of movies that they provided, I am expecting to see much more than old movies, come on!! have some dignity. If I am going to pay the same amount as in the US, I want to see the same movies, don't come up with this shit, because it is not going to work. People that will join netflix are high profile people, they need international visa and idea about streaming, so they know what they want.

By Malena
posted on 08 September at 14:28
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I am living in Argentina and u$d10 per month is cheaper. To have an idea, I am paying u$d30 per month for a cable, not sure why Quickroute assumed that it is expensive. We are getting 30% of salary increase year, so sooner will be earning more money that average american. US Dollars is clearly going down, which makes us target for business (netflix and rock bands). Guns' Roses are comming to argentina and cheaper ticket cost u$d110, and yes we are able to pay without suffer!!!!

By Juan
posted on 08 September at 03:42
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U$10 dollars is NOT expensive at all, the problem with you yankies is that believe that everything outside US is a jungle and the dollar is synonymous of gold, not sure if know that your country is in a depth crisis. I was about to join netflix but they don't provide the lastest movies or the greatest, again you believe that we are in the jungle and showing movies of the 80's will be like showing candies to the Indians.