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Netanyahu Trying to Break Another Promise

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
According to a report in Srugim, it looks like Netanyahu is trying to find a way out of his promise to Idit Silman for her part in bringing down the government. Netanyahu promised Silman a guaranteed slot on the Likud list for Knesset.Netanyahu trying to break another promise
Netanyahu has found a creative way to get the Silman problem off his back - he offered her as a compromise in the Ben Gvir - Smotritch dispute as a neutral candidate for the 7th slot on their joint list.
Right now that is off the table, with Ben Gvir having announced the end of negotiations and his going it alone, but it could come back as the deadline for party list submissions nears.
Breaking this promise is dangerous. If he does find a way out of it, if he cant form the next government and tries to bring down whatever government does form, he will have a much harder time finding defectors willing to trust him with their future.
Netanyahu is no different than any other politician, and maybe worse than most in this regard. He is a serial promise-breaker. I dont know why anyone trusts him with their future.
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