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Netanyahu = Sinwar?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I dont get how this works.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted ceasefire proposals, only for them to be rejected by Hamas. Israel has changed its policy to allow humanitarian aid in to Gaza, and has regularly increased the amounts of aid being let in. Israel has warned Palestinians of upcoming attacks, thus waiving the element of surprise and increasing risk to Israeli soldiers. Israel has evacuated hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the danger zones and has created humanitarian corridors for safe passage. 
Yet somehow PM Netanyahu is equated with arch-terrorist Yehiya Sinwar who took civilians as hostages and had his people specifically target civilians in brutal rapes and murders of the most gruesome kind. Hamas operatives taken prisoner are treated humanely - they are fed and given medical treatment along with a bed to sleep on, the ability to shower and take care of their personal needs, while the Israelis held hostage by Hamas are getting none of that.
And Netanyahu is on equal footing with Sinwar??? How is this possible?
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