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Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2011 (Fantasy Gifts)

By Kena @campchic

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Gracious me, I must have Reeves (my imaginary butler) order the Ferrari FF and the Speed Boat straight away. Jasper (my imaginary hubby) will be bummed if I forget to order his Christmas presents for our annual holiday soiree in Saint-Tropez. Oh I can't forget to pick up the tricked out Yurt for little Wilhelmina and Preston (my imaginary children). It's the perfect playhouse and for $75,000 its a steal. Looks like I am going to be saving a ton of money by purchasing all my Christmas gifts from Neiman Marcus. So glad my Apple stock is up! Who says you can't get a great deal at Needless Markup...I mean Neiman Marcus. Obviously this is a conversation of "fantasy proportions" going on in my head. I am currently viewing the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book and dreaming about all the wonderful things I don't need and can't afford.  What's on your Christmas wishlist?


 Ferrari FF $395,000


Hacker-Craft Speed Boat $250,000


Yurt $75,000


Daytrip to Stone Barns Farms $9,500


 Dancing Fountains from WET  $1,000,000


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