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Neighbors- August EP

Posted on the 09 July 2011 by Ripplemusic
Neighbors- August EP
I have always been an earphone user due to the cheap, easily portable options that it offers. However, after a particularly horrific incident when BOTH of the ears of my favourite set broke, I have found myself using headphones. I have had two pair just sitting around collecting dust and as I  was experiencing  a particularly short week, I had to resort to using them. So, I fight off spiders the size of my fist to get to them and after some TLC I have fallen in love. Despite their clunky, large appearance they are comfortable and offer a superior sound feedback.
The first audio delight I listened to upon unlocking their potential? Neighbours August EP and what a delight it was!
The Brooklyn based band formed in 2009 and consisting of Noah Stitelman, Evan Johnson, Brian Harney, Steph McParty and Anne Mino it is brilliance. I love the simple set up that has depth and the great lyrics that accompany it.
“August” is the title track and my personal favourite. With clicking and clapping, clean guitars, crisp vocals and an upbeat fun sound it is really good to listen to. Teamed up with punchy, catchy, “up yours!” lyrics- Perfection.
“You're full of shit don't you know it, I think I get the gist.
 I hear you sweet talking baby but I don't feel no passion.
The words that you throw and you got your little fists,
But no matter how you throw them, they don't get no action”
“Ophelia” slows the EP down a little and introduces a more synthetic sound. Don't get me wrong! This is not full blast 80's synth, this is tasteful, gentle synthetics that create a warm, fuzzy feeling, even with lyrics like-
“If you opened up my scar,
And took apart my mind,
Do you know what you'd find?
Do you even want to know?
Inside you'd find and empty hole”
Do not dismay! The funky sounds come back with “Gone Too Long” being a mix of “August” cleanliness and “Ophelia” synths.
“There's no need to say, what there's no sense knowing....
No theres need to say, what there's no use knowing
I'd better go, shut the door, there's a storm thats blowing.”
“Bad Timing” is a sad, unblemished song to tie August EP off with.
“Holding on to you was the hardest thing to do”
Smooth, clean, fun, sad. Neighbors August EP and thanks to my headphones my love of Neighbors was solidified, and thanks the Neighbors, my love of headphones was too.
I hear you! I hear you! Well, not really because the music is too loud, but here, you can listen too!

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