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Negotiating Bangalore’s Roads with Self Drive

By Subha Bose

Negotiating Bangalore’s Roads with Self Drive
Commuting in Bangalore can be a nightmare when one is totally dependent on public transport. Because of the constant growth of area and population, the networks are always stretched and autos can sometimes be a harassment-filled experience. Cab companies have now resorted to price surging, cherry-picking customers. Owning a car would be the answer to all these woes but that comes with its own liabilities and costs. However, the informed and modern traveller is finding a great solution for transit in Bangalore – the car rental.
A mode of transport that is popular all over the world, the rented car is fast becoming a viable option in the teeming Indian cities. Affordable plans allow people to use a wide range of cars for various requirements, from that much-awaited road trip to Coorg to the daily drive to Manyata Tech Park and back. Night travel is also much safer with a rented car. There will be no more worrying about ending up with a creepy cabbie when one has a car at her disposal all the time. Group travel is always something that conjures the best of images, stopping by a quaint dhabas or taking unchartered dirt roads on a rugged adventure trip. Road trips and more can be made possible with just a tap on an app nowadays.
For people who are visiting Bangalore, rented cars offer an end-to-end transport solution. They can book a car at the airport as they land and use it for the entire trip for everything from business errands to leisurely drives. The car is the transport back to the airport for the return flight, where it is dropped off. This is a much better option that figuring out local transport at every step, losing a lot of time in the process, and smart independent-minded travellers are big fans of rentals because of this reason.
Time for Exploration
Behind the wheel of a car, the driver enjoys total control over the schedule and route. There are many nice drives one can enjoy around Bangalore – Nandi Hills is one of the favourite haunts of the town residents, its high altitude air and historical structures providing a tranquil escape from the constant buzz of the city.
A rental car is also a great way to explore inner-city landmarks. Lalbagh is known for its gardens and greenhouses and the Bangalore Palace’s Tudor style architecture has enamoured many visitors.
Self drive cars have many advantages over regular taxis. Companies like Zoomcar offer very affordable plans with fuel and all taxes included. Renting a car also ensures complete privacy, a good thing to have when travelling. Features like 24/7 on-road support also add an extra layer of security to the self-drive option, something even those who own cars cannot boast.

For those looking for a car rental Bangalore has top providers giving the best of assurances while also going easy on the customer's pocket. No questions asked, one just needs to pick up the keys to freedom and ride away in total convenience.

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