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Need Help with Likud Primaries

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I am a member of the Likud. I have been for a long time.
Right now I have a problem with the Likud, though I have not canceled my membership. As long as Bibi is running the Likud, I can no longer support it. As long as his groupies are the leaders of the Likud I cannot support it.
My question is not whether or not I should vote in the upcoming Likud primaries. This is exactly why I am a member of the Likud - so I can influence from within and do my little part in helping the Likud put forth an attractive list of candidates for Knesset who will work for the betterment of the country. If I don't like the current list, it is my responsibility to do my part to improve it, primarily via voting in the primaries.
My question is more tactical.
Should I vote for the best possible list of candidates, even if some of them are "Bibists" - Bibi groupies -  and overall I think hurting the party and even the country even if they also do good work in Knesset, or should I vote for a party of, let's call it colorful, characters  who might hurt the Likud in the short term by being the face of the Likud but in the long term the Likud will perhaps clean up their act because of this?
What do you think?
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