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Need a Twitter Assistant? Try

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Need help with your Twitter community? Want to know who are your biggest supporters? Who you should or should not follow? That's where comes in. They want to provide you with more meaningful relationships on Twitter.
Need a Twitter Assistant? Try
You have to request an invite. I received mine on Twitter and thought why not? A few weeks later I received an email and they asked me to fill out questions. Within 24 hours they send you an email to sign in to their dashboard and view their recommendations. Some of them are similar to other websites, like who is following you or who is not following you. But they take it a step further with these features:
  • Most Engaged Members - Lets you know your most engaged Tweeps
  • Supporters - Shows who are your supporters
  • Influencers - Shows who are your influencers
  • Discover leads - Helps you find new leads through hashtags and keywords
  • They constantly update your information

  • They are helping you build high value relationships on Twitter using this info and keeping your followers and follows at a favorable ratio as it affects your perceived influence level.
    Need a Twitter Assistant? Try
    Be a Super Tweeter today by checking out and let me know how you like the assistance!
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