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Need a Side-Hustle? Here Are Some Lucrative Ideas

By Ty Watson

If you are one of those people who want to use their free time as productively as they can then you need a side-hustle. A side-hustle will not only earn you some extra money, but it will stimulate you both professionally and personally.

Get on the extra money-making train by using your talents and a couple of hours of your day. Streaming on one of the best webcam sites, transcription audios for large corporations, and giving expert advice to people in your own industry - are just a few of the ways to have a successful and lucrative side-hustle. There is no reason why you shouldn't go for one of them right away.

In addition to this, we've prepared a list of the most profitable jobs that you can do as a side-hustle. All of the jobs on the list can be done from the comfort of your own home or from literally anywhere in the world.


A transcriptionist job is one of the easiest that you can do and that is why it is on top of this list. It is a job that anyone who can listen and type at the same time can do. There are thousands of companies from every industry that are in constant need of transcriptionists, so there is plenty of work to go around for everybody.

If you decide to try it out, you will get a couple of audios a day. Everything said on the audios you should put it down in words. To do this job you have to be very detail-oriented so you can execute it successfully. You can decide how many audios a day you want to transcribe and you will be paid for each audio that you do.


If you already have a full-time job doing anything, an online consulting job can be a perfect addition to your day. You will give advice to people just starting off in your industry or field or people deciding to venture out on their own. You can also mentor young people who are just starting to work within the industry.

A piece of good advice nowadays has a good price. People are willing to pay for knowledge that will give them a leg up in their own line of work. You can start by taking on a few clients and work your way up. The more clients - the more money you will make.

Virtual Assistant

Although this is usually a full-time job, there are options for you to do it part-time. A visual assistant job is very well paid and can be very fun to do. You will be in charge of email management, as well as scheduling things like meetings and calls. But virtual assistants also get to do fun things like social media management and event planning.

If you are thinking about changing career paths and trying out something more centered in the digital world, this job is a great gateway to it. It is a way to try out different things while keeping your full-time job so you won't rush into making a big decision without any real insight.

Need a Side-Hustle? Here Are Some Lucrative Ideas

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Virtual Bookkeeper

The great thing about being a virtual bookkeeper is that you don't need any formal education nor previous experience. If you want to be more educated about what it means to be a virtual bookkeeper you can find some great and cheap online courses.

Essentially, your work responsibilities will be helping small business owners record every financial transaction. You can do this job remotely and you can take on as many clients as you can handle.

Social Media Manager

The main job of a social media manager is to post according to an already premade social media calendar that is given to them in advance. Many big companies and corporations and even smaller businesses are already hiring people to run their social platforms so the job opportunities are endless.

Depending on how many clients you have, you can make some good money being a social media manager. Anybody who is using social media can do this, so it doesn't require a special skill set. All you have to be is responsible and post when you have to post.


As the online world grows, companies and businesses have a greater need for translating. If you happen to be fluent in two or more languages, it would be a shame if you didn't try out translating. This job is the perfect side-hustle and it won't be difficult for anyone who is bilingual.

You can pick and choose who you work with and what you want to work on, so you will be in charge of your workload. You will also be in charge of the price and your own working schedule.

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