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Nectar Sleep Mattresses Provide All That You Need for Comfort, Luxury, and Good Health

By Kravelv @kravelv

It is difficult to say whether we have created the best of best mattresses yet because as technology advances, the possibilities of discoveries are only increasing. However, as on date, if you are looking for the mattress that says the last word in comfort, luxury, and style while ensuring healthy living, then the Nectar Sleep mattress is the obvious choice.

Going by the words of the reviewers who have slept on the mattress along with at least 72 different types of mattresses before concluding it as the most comfortable mattress at the most affordable price, the mattress surely deserves special attention. The mattress quality is supposed to be so superior that it could be the last purchase of mattress in your lifetime. We will now look into the mattress features in closer details to understand what makes it so extraordinary that the manufacturers do not hesitate to offer ‘forever warranty’ together with 365-night sleep trial.

Nectar sleep mattresses provide all that you need for comfort, luxury, and good health

Materials and construction

Various foams used in four layers constitute the 11 inches mattress.

  • 6-inch thick, high-density foam capable of providing deep compression support forms the foundation.
  • Just above it is a 3-inch transition layer made from medical gel embedded foam 3lb density that aids in cooling the mattress and provides transitional support to the layers above it.
  • An inch of 4lb gel memory foam (semi-open and fast recovery type) placed above the transitional layer provides the cooling effect and comfort besides providing the primary support.
  • The topmost layer consists of 1- inch thick quilted foam sewn into the cover specifically designed to relieve pressure points and improve airflow while providing the luxurious feel and comfort.

The cover of the mattress is resistant to bed bugs and made from a special material Tencel that is cooler than linen, softer than silk and more absorbent than cotton. Its ability to circulate air from the upper layers improves the circulation and airflow.

Firmness and support

Regarding firmness, the mattress comes under the category of ‘medium firm.’ The soft, luxurious feel of the top comfort layer receives adequate and firm support from the three supporting layers below. Even for persons weighing 200 lbs plus, the deep pressing of the top softer layers due to the body weight that tends to push the body closer to the densest layer does not cause any discomfort. Instead, it provides the right support for all sleeping positions.

Sinkage and edge support

The combination of foam accommodates heavyweights nicely by distributing the weight evenly across the surface thereby ensuring optimal sinkage. The support from the base helps to maintain proper equilibrium in weight distribution. The mattress provides even support throughout, including the edges.

The most encouraging aspect of the mattress is that it does not give off any odor that is worth mentioning.  It is an indication of using health friendly materials in making the mattress, which is perhaps one of its greatest attractions. The slightest emission that happens is almost negligible that is rare among mattresses today, and you should ignore it.


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