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Necktie Style Guide: Top 10 Tie Patterns & Ties for Men

By Dudepins @dudepins

A man in a necktie is never out of style.  True, there are some times when a tie isn’t exactly appropriate (or safe), but if you find your wardrobe in need of a little class or flair, then a tie makes a good addition.  One great thing about the necktie is that you don’t have to try them on, making them easy to buy in the world’s biggest shopping mall (the Internet).  An expansive tie collection of varying colors and sizes is the sign of a man prepared for any situation, so beef up your arsenal by covering your bases when it comes to the most expressive necktie characteristic – patterns.

10. The “Other” – Buy It


Let’s get this one out of the way.  Yeah, there are ties with everything imaginable printed on them.  I like the one pictured (HIMYM anyone?).  As far as style and wearability goes, I mean… hey.  If you have a good reason to wear it,  then  by all means do it.  But for the day-to-day, stick with the bottom 9.

9. The Paisley – Buy It


Some people give this print a bad rap (some paisley neckties are pretty nasty) but there’s no need for it.  Use your eyes, make a well thought out selection, and it  can be an awesome step up if you’re in need of a little something something to up your ensemble.

8. The Plaid – Buy It


A classic pattern, you can wear buy these so that the plaid is vertical to the necktie (more casual) or diagonal (dressier).  I’d suggest to keep the color count down (they can get pretty busy), but it’s really up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

7. The Striped – Buy It


So, there are tons of different striped patterns.  There’s the broad stripe, which is often two-coloured, with thick stripes, and very linear and even in its striping (preppy).  Then there’s the twill, which contains much smaller stripes that are closer together.  There are also a ton of variations of stripes with varying widths.  Whichever one’s right for you is again your call, but I’m particularly partial to the broad striped look these days.  Classic.

6. The Dot - Buy It


A little gimicky, the dot is one necktie that’s oft referred to but nigh worn (some ye olde englishe for thou).  I don’t know why this is, maybe “polka-dot” has negative connotations, or it’s too cliché for some guys.  If you keep the rest of your outfit well put-together, there’s no reason to avoid the dot.

5. The Small Dot - Buy It


Less gimicky, and a lot safer.  Add just a bit of panache to your torso by donning a necktie with a smattering of tiny dots.  They’re a nice touch that keeps it classic and is suitable for ay occasion.

4. The More Creative Pattern – Buy It


Closely related to the dot, and a distant cousin to The “Other”, the more creative pattern is one with a recurring small feature that you can use to really say something about yourself without completely sacrificing class.  A little more casual than a more traditional fabric.

3. The Checkerboard – Buy It


No, not like black and white or blue and yellow squares.  I’m talking the two-tone, tight little squares.  Yeah.  Just look at the picture. Something geometric and with a little sheen for that flair you’re after.

2. The Imaginative – Buy It

Let’s not get this confused with “the other”.  The imaginative patterns are generally one hundred percent appropriate for where you’re headed (debatable, yes).  Consider it more of a “none of the above”.  There’s a thin line between “the other” and “the imaginative” – the ability to discern the difference should be seen  as a talent, so in order to do so, seek out the opinions of others.

1. The Plain – Buy It


Ah, yes.  If you only buy one necktie on your lifetime, let it be a plain. Need I say more? It’s the iconic style, you just can’t beat it.

So that’s pretty much it: every tie pattern you could possibly be after.  Yeah, I cheated a bit with “the imaginative” but I’m only human.  For all of the latest in what guys are finding awesome, man up, sign up, and pin up on Dudepins.



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