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Necessary Supplies For Your RV Road-Trip

By Ripleydaniels @mikesobol

In days past, pioneers on their wagons would prepare months of food-stocks and try to plan for every worst-case scenario possible to minimize the risk of injury and starvation. Fortunately for us, the modern version of the pioneer is the RV enthusiast, and significantly less planning and danger is involved compared to what our ancestors put up with. That being said, a fair amount of consideration and supplies are still needed before you begin your adventure.

Folding Chairs
It’s impossible to miss this one, but without folding chairs you cannot really enjoy a campground with any level of convenience.

Mosquito Repellant
Depending on the time of year, certain locations are ripe with bloodsuckers. Nothing’s worse than setting up camp only to realize your nighttime fire is attracting more than just marshmallows.

First Aid Kits
In addition to packing medical supplies, it’s also important to know how to use them. Some locations are far away from a nearby hospital and require emergency airlifting, which could happen during an unfortunate encounter with something dangerous like a rattlesnake. First Aid knowledge could quite literally be a lifesaver.

GPS Systems
This includes both a “Tom Tom” style accessory for road navigation, as well as a portable GPS handheld device for navigating the wilderness. In the old days, a pioneer would never venture into the wilderness without a reliable compass, and today’s satellite navigation systems are the modern version.

A Compass
Yet, even despite our powerful satellite technology, an old-fashioned compass is still a very important device should you wander from your RV campground and lose track of where you parked. Keep mindful of what direction your campground is, and try not to stray from hiking trails lest you are forced to rely on this old-fashioned tool.

A Portable Air Purifier
When traveling across the states, it’s not uncommon to encounter a previously undiscovered allergy to some native thistle that just sprouted around your RV campground. This can ruin a weekend as you become confined to wherever there is Kleenex and your eyes feel like cacti have sprouted inside of them. One solution is to close the doors and keep the air purified. This is also an excellent idea for anyone with known sensitivities or asthmatic problems.

A Weather Radio (Or Any Satellite Radio System)
As Hurricane Sandi proved, a bad enough storm can knock out infrastructure for days and leave you stranded bumper-to-bumper on a powerless highway. In addition, a road-trip through the central plains could send you and your RV on an adventure into Oz when tornado season strikes. Avoid calamity by staying informed about nearby weather conditions.

In Summary

Remember what the military says about prior planning? Your RV excursion is not quite as simple as jumping in and turning on the ignition, as you also need a good strategy to prevent potential catastrophe. Finally, don’t forget that aside from all of these accessories, you should also have an idea about where you’re going and what routes you plan to take. Although some people enjoy getting lost, your family may not be so happy when you end up a hundred miles south and driving through a Mexican village—a disaster that a few Google maps could have prevented.


Jay Allen writes for Lazydays, a RV Superstore which offers recreational vehicle enthusiasts a place to search motorhomes for sale, stay at a campground, or service their RV.



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