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By Bloggerfather @bloggerfather
Raised by my daughter
Every once in a while, the Ghosts of Internet Present visit me and direct me to Twitter-less bloggers. I assume that's what happened, since I don't know how else I found Neal's "Raised by my daughter" blog. No matter--I'm just happy I found it, because it's one of those blogs that are filled with character and little truisms you won't find anywhere else, even if you travel back and forth along the series of tubes that make the Internet what it is.
It's a relatively new blog, so you know it's not tainted (yet) (the way my blog is). It's the real thing, and Neal is a natural writer/blogger. There are funny comics, honest stories, and a beautiful daughter who is about the same age as my own.
It's a great find, and I hope you visit the "Raised by my daughter" blog. When you're there, say Hi from me (or skip the middle-man and say Hi directly from the Ghosts of Internet Present), and stick around to read as many pages back from the blog's history as you can. I promise you'll thank me in the morning.

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