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NBA Superhumans

By Rosstalkssports @rosstalkssports
  One method I recently started using to demarcate players throughout history is separating the “Superhuman” players from the mere mortals. Being Superhuman doesn’t mean that they are necessarily the greatest. Human overachievers like Kobe Bryant will go down in history as being greater than some of these Superhumans. 1 Without further ado… the list

Bill Russell – Captain America

  Captain America doesn’t really have any super powers, but he is still super human. Bill Russell like Captain America was an expert strategist and leader. Bill Russell filled whatever role his team needed to be filled.  More specifically than just being strategist, Russell and Captain America were defensive stalwarts.  Like Captain America’s shield Bill Russell’s defense was nigh impenetrable.

Wilt Chamberlain – The Incredible Hulk

  This may seem strange for a man whose nickname was the stilt, but the most evident similarity between Wilt and the Hulk has to be the superhuman strength. The Hulk was said to be able to lift as much as 100 tons. Wilt Chamberlain was able to shot put over 55 feet, but the backing of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Hulkish figure in his own right, should suffice as evidence to just how strong Wilt was.   The similarities of the powers of Wilt and the Hulk go further than just brute strength. There is also leaping ability. The Hulk’s legendary leaping ability is another commonality shared with Wilt. The Hulk can travel miles by jumping and can leave the earth’s atmosphere in a single bound. Wilt Chamberlain was no slouch in that department either triple jumping over 50 feet and winning the high jump championship three years in a row in high school.   Last but not least is high durability The Hulk is tough, and recovers quickly, a trait that Wilt must have shared to be able to AVERAGE over 48 minutes per game in an NBA season while making his way towards 20,000 notches above his bedpost.

Shaquille O’Neill – Thor

  Arguably (and I would surely argue it) the most dominant player of all time fits the role of Thor pretty well. With enormous strength and athleticism Shaq hammered down thunderous dunks much to the chagrin of backboards everywhere.

Lebron James – Superman

  Shaq and Dwight can feud over the nickname if they’d like, but in the NBA Lebron James is superman.Faster than a speeding bullet. more powerful than a locomotive  able to leap small aircrafts in a singlebound.   Similarly to Superman Lebron James regularly exhibits his flight, super strength and vision powers on the court. The invulnerability doesn’t hurt either.

Michael “Hal” Jordan –Green Lantern

  Wielder of a power ring, the most powerful weapon in the universe,  Jordan is limited only by his imagination and will power2    With his grit and determination MJ makes for a fantastic Green Lantern.3 What stands out above all other Green Lantern traits that completely makes the case for Jordan is that Green Lantern can totally take Superman.

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