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NBA Lockout Poem

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
I had to write a poem for language class, so I decided I might as well do it on something I love. The NBA. Nothing is happening right now other than the lockout, so here is a little poem I wrote:
NBA Lockout Poem
NBA Lockout PoemWhy is there no NBA season?
Come on, give me a reason
I miss all my idols
I want to see multiple titles
Where is the big 3?
How is Greg Oden's knee?Here in Cleveland we have Baron Davis's beard
I remember when Z got cheered
Do the Mavericks have what it takes to defend?I think the Celtics hit a dead end
We might not have an All-Star game
NBA Lockout PoemAnd I know who to blame
The Heat have a lot of hypeBut a championship they can not swipe
I know the problem is real
But for some reason we can't make a deal
Everyone's going to play overseas
Just so they can hit more three's
New rookies have something to prove
Please give me an NBA season soon
NBA Lockout Poem**Author Bio Blurb:
Nick Schneck is one of our writers. You can find all of his work here on Officially Hoops by clicking on his archive link.**

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