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NBA Lockout Humor and Notes

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
NBA lockout humor and notes
Whelp, were on day 143 of this tumultuous, stupid, unnecessary ordeal, known as the NBA lockout. So, to curve your day exponentially, I have a video from Jimmy Kimmel on NBA TV and the olive branch for NBA fans online! It's sad that I have nothing else better to post about when it comes to the NBA. When the NBPA disbanded and literally fell off the face of the Earth for a few days to only sue the owners is saddening itself.
But what else is there to do, really?
I know that we never reported or filed on that very big piece of news. Frankly, I was in the hospital having a minor procedure done.
On a better note, here's the video from Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Next subject: the NBA fan olive branch. (Technically, it's not really a quote on quote "olive branch," an olive branch is a peace offering, it sort of fits it, but,    I felt the need to give it a cooler identifier.)
This comes from It's basically a blog post on a site asking you to "sign the petition," for the average frustrated NBA fan due to this lockout,    it's just commenting and filling out the basic credentials you need to on any site to comment.
Shockingly, this is all I have for you at the moment, besides Shabazz Napier's triple-double for UCONN, and DIII's Griffin Lentsch dropping 89 points in one game yesterday.
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NBA lockout humor and notesDarin Ford is our Editor-In-Chief and main contributor. You can find all of his work here on Officially Hoops by clicking on his archive link.**

Disclaimer:Published on November 21, 2011
Composed and edited by Darin Ford
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