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Navy Bean Lentil Soup

By Kjoelsen326
 Navy Bean Lentil SoupWhite Beans and Lentil Soup
About 2 lbs pork rib bones
2 boneless chicken breast
1/2 bag lentils
1/2 bag white beans (Navy Beans)
Chicken Stock
1/2 sliced onion
1 sliced shallot
1/2 pound cubed bacon
1/4 pound sliced bacon
Coarse Roasted Garlic Seasoning
1 bay leaf
1/4 tsp cilantro
3 tbsp white wine
Navy Bean Lentil Soup

Beans and Lentils:
Remove from bags and wash.  Place in cool water and cover and allow to soak over night.
Pour soaked beans into a colander and rinse thoroughly.
Rinse under hot water for about 2 minutes in wire strainer.
Navy Bean Lentil Soup

Pork Rib Bones:
Rinse under cool water, place in pot and cover with chicken stock.  Cook till meat is tender.  Remove from pot to cool.
Navy Bean Lentil Soup
Remove meat from bones.
Let pulled meat rest in a bowl while preparing more of the soup.
Navy Bean Lentil Soup

Chicken Breast:

Lightly pound with meat beater to flatten. Season with Coarse garlic and then coat with flour.
Navy Bean Lentil Soup
Place seasoned and floured chicken breast in melted hot butter/olive oil mixture (50/50)
Navy Bean Lentil Soup
Brown breast in butter on both sides.
Remove and place in plate until needed.
Thin slice breast when ready to add to pot.
Navy Bean Lentil Soup
Cubed Bacon and sliced Bacon:
Fry cubed bacon till tender.
Navy Bean Lentil Soup
Cut bacon in half, separate and place in hot fry pan.  Fry on both sides till crispy.
Navy Bean Lentil Soup
Remove from fry pan.  Set crispy bacon aside. Add cubed bacon to cooking stock and crushed sliced bacon into pot.  Gently boil for a few minutes.
Navy Bean Lentil Soup
Onion and Shallot:
Saute both in small amount of butter till both are nice and tender.
Onion & Shallot
Add white wine and allow to cook till most of the wine has dissipated.
Add vegetables to stock in pot.
Directions for the rest of the soup:
Pour beans into stock and bring to boil.  Add Risotto as well.  Cook gently for awhile till the water starts to slightly thicken.  Add the pork back into pot.  Add cooked chicken breast to pot.
Crush bacon and add to pot.
Keep extra chicken stock in a cup due to the water cooking down as the beans cook just in case more water is needed.
Cook bean soup has thickened and beans are tender. (Simmer about 2 hours or more) Serve with croutons or crackers or garlic bread.
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