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Navaratri Fasting Recipes, Vrat Ki Recipes

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Navaratri Fasting recipes- recipes to use during Navaratri fasting

In Northern and Southern Part of India people celebrate Navaratri and fast during the nine days . Goddess Durga is worshiped in her nine swaroops. In Bengal Durga pooja is also celebrated this time of the year.The 10 th day is celebrated as Dusshera, to mark the victory of good over Evil. In southern India people decorate beautiful Golu on Navaratri. Every state have its own different tradition to worship Devi Maa. Some people fast the whole nine days of Navaratri and some observe fast on the 1 st day and the last day of Navaratri . People often refrain to use onion ,garlic and non beg food during Navaratri and eat satvik food with is allowed during fasting

Hindu religious fasting i.e Janmashtami, Navaratri, Shivaratri, Ekadashi, only permit certain grains, vegetables and spices are used. This list varies according to every family's specific traditions, but these are the main grain, vegetables, and spices which are used during fasting -

  1. Flour - kuttu aata / Buckwheat flour, Rajgiri atta /Amaranth flour, , Singhoda aata /water chestnut flour, Sama/ samu/ varai / Barnyarn millet, Sabudana/ Tapioca Pearls/sago, Fox nut flour, arrowroot
  2. Spices - Sendha namak, Amchoor/mango powder, Kali mirch/pepper powder, Cumin/jeera, Green Cardamom, Cloves
  3. Vegetables - Aloo/potato, Arbi/colocasia, Yam/jimikand, Raw banana, lauki/ bottle gourd , yellow pumpkin /kaddu, Raw Papaya, lemon, green chili, ginger,bathua and green coriander
  4. Fruits and Nuts - All the dry fruits and fruits can be used in fasting i.e - Cashew, Phool makhana, Almonds, chiroli, Raisins, coconut,Walnut, Peanuts, Pine nuts,Prunes, Pecans, Pumpkin seeds
  5. Dairy Products- Milk, Yogurt, Paneer, khoya, Cream, Malai, butter, ghee and all sweets made with milk and paneer can be consumed.
  6. Cooking Medium- Ghee, butter and any cooking oil can be used but peanut and sunflower is the preferred oil to use during fasting.

I am sharing few Fasting Recipes which you can make for Navaratri celebration-

Navaratri Fasting Recipes, Vrat ki Recipes

Navaratri Fasting Recipes, Vrat ki Recipes

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