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Nature Walk {No TV Activity 2}

By Chandnis80
This activity lets your little kids use up their energy and enjoy their summer... There's a beautiful Botanical Garden near our house, and we go there and my lil munchkins just love it there:)
What you need
Lots of time
 What to do
The kids can collect the things that intrigue them . My kids were super excited and had loads of fun .......... they found twigs, leaves, berries , flowers etc.
Nature Walk {No TV Activity 2} They also met the turtle family at the nature walk. They loved the whole idea and have been asking to go again :)
Nature Walk {No TV Activity 2}
They segregated them and put them in the box to be used later.
Nature Walk {No TV Activity 2}
 Check out the photo frame they made using what they collected during nature walk.
Nature Walk {No TV Activity 2}

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