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Nature’s Sleep Slipper Review & Give Away

By Bewilderedbug @bewilderedbug
Nature’s Sleep Slipper Review & Give Away

Open Toe Slippers

I recently got the opportunity to try the open-toe Nature’s Sleep bedroom slippers.  Now, I’m not a bedroom slipper type of person normally because I just never grew up with them.  I grew up in bare-footed tropical heaven where I ran around the house, with my naked feet slapping happily against the cool terrazzo floor.

Then I came to Canada and started living in condos.

Let me tell you about a lot of the apartments and condos in Toronto….and this is where I get a little technical – so if that stuff bores you, don’t read the next paragraph.  A lot of Toronto buildings are old.  They were built somewhere between the 1960′s and 1980′s when the primary purpose was to pack as many people into a building as possible.  Many of these buildings were built without considering energy efficiency or heat gradients through the materials.  Have you noticed that the floors are much colder than the air is in the winter?  It’s because the concrete slab that makes that floor is actually exposed to the exterior of the building in these older buildings and even in some of the new ones!  This creates a temperature (and sometimes a moisture) bridge where your heat escapes quickly through the floor, hence the floor remaining cold while the air is warm.  This is also why your floor feels colder closer to the windows and the balcony than the front door.

It is when I moved into some of these energy inefficient buildings that I realized that in order to keep my tootsies comfy, I would need to wear slippers.  I could never find one comfortable enough.  It was either too hard, or too thin, too expensive or too warm….something was always wrong with it!  I resorted to Old Navy flip flops, which, although they did not keep my feet warm, kept my tootsies off the cold floor, and my heels off the laminate that completely ruined my already difficult-to-take-care-of heels.

Nature’s Sleep Slipper Review & Give Away

Closed Toe Slipper

The Nature’s Sleep slippers offers comfort and quality at a decent price.  I love that they offer the slippers in either the closed toe version or the open toe version to suit your aesthetic and temperature-preference needs, both in a variety of colours.  These slippers were extremely comfortable – the cushy soles supported my feet perfectly and the open toe warmth did not overheat my feet.  At least, that was until the weather decided to stop throwing tantrums and stay in the summer side of things.  Then I had to switch back to my flip flops – at least for now.  These bedroom slippers will be SPECTACULAR in winter and when I move to the UK at the end of this year, I definitely am taking them with me to ward off the dreaded cold, damp weather in the UK.  I can just imagine myself cuddled up under my favorite blanket on the couch with my Luv Luv with Nature’s Sleep slippers keeping my tootsies warm.

I urge you to try them out – you can purchase them on the Nature’s Sleep website (along with awesome memory foam mattresses and pillows for every need), and if you use the discount code BEARS50, you can get 50% off any purchase from the website.  Also, if you want to try your luck first, feel free to enter the contest below that Nature’s Sleep so graciously decided to put on, just so that one of you lucky readers can win your own comfy, warm Nature’s Sleep slippers!

The giveaway is open to the USA and Canada only and ends on June 10/2012 at 12:01 am.  Thanks and good luck!

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